Frequently Asked Questions

The Investment
How are my shares being evaluated?

Investor Shares value is calculated with a Net-Asset Valuation (NAV). All properties are to be evaluated once per year. Operations and systems will be included in the final assessment. The NAV will be done by a 3rd party service provider.

How do I subscribe?

You subscribe by signing our Parametric Properties offering memorandum and our subscription agreement. At which point in time, the documentation will provide instructions, allowing you to transfer your RRSP eligible or TFSA eligible money into the Olympia Trust account, which allows us to access it. However, if you are planning to not use RRSP or TFSA eligible money, you simply must complete the offering memorandum and subscription agreement and then transfer the funds into Parametric Properties' account. Please reach out to our investor relations team if you wish to transfer funds directly.

How does Parametric Properties find undervalued properties?

Parametric Properties Inc. uses its proprietary algorithm to find undervalued properties. Our algorithm data-mines the MLS matrix in real-time, giving us a competitive advantage in one of the hottest markets in Canada.

How does the Parametric Properties algorithm work?

Our algorithm was designed in such a way that allows us to multiple regress a series of traits about properties and make sure that we can extract value where very few people otherwise can see it. The multiple regression algorithm allows us a unique advantage to be able to data-mine the market, as well as take advantage of underpriced or mispriced opportunities.

How does the buyback option work? When does the buyback occur?

The share buyback will occur based on a first in first out structure. Buybacks will be prioritized for investors based on when they choose to invest in Parametric Properties Inc. Investment date is based on the date the shares are issued. Issue date will determine the order in which Investors are ranked for receiving a buyback. The buyback option will be based on the liquidity available to Parametric Properties Inc. at the discretion of the executive team.

How will I get my money back?

Under the Offering Memorandum Self-Issuer Exemption and British Columbia Securities Law, Parametric Properties Inc. can not offer any guaranteed form of liquidity. The executive team’s intention is to provide a share buyback option after two years, once a year after the most recent NAV for a portion of outstanding shares.

Is it safe to invest with Parametric Properties?

At Parametric Properties Inc. we have put the investor first. The Victoria real estate market is one of the most desirable and stable markets in the country. This is one of the many reasons we have chosen Victoria. As with any investment, there are risks involved. We believe that our method, the market we are investing in, and the team we have assembled have created the safest investment opportunity possible.

Is this investment RRSP or TFSA Eligible?

Yes, it is. Our compliance process is under the self-directed RRSP accounts within Olympia Trust. We intend to open more options in the future.

Is this investment provincially regulated?

Yes. Parametric Properties Inc. is compliant with the Province of British Columbia's Security Act and is regulated by the BCSC.

Should I invest in this opportunity before speaking to an expert?

No, we believe that you should be fully aware of the risks associated with an investment in Parametric Properties. At the same time, we are going to be using commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that we maximize the return in every way possible. Please speak to your financial advisor to determine if this is the right invest for you before proceeding with our investment opportunity.

What are the fees associated with this investment?

There are no management fees taken by Parametric Properties Inc.

What is the minimum dollar amount needed to invest?

Our current minimum investment is $50,000.00.

What is your current pro forma return?

Currently, our expected pro forma return is a 30% gross return per annum, of which 6-point preferred goes to the party that is the investor and an additional 50/50 split is expected between the remaining return between the investors and Parametric Properties. As a result, our expected return over the two-year horizon is 18% per annum. However, this is obviously subject to volatility, market risk, and other such risk associated with the offering memorandum and should be looked at thoroughly before investing in Parametric Properties.

What type of return on investment can I expect?

There is a 6% preferred return for all investors. After which, all profits beyond that in each fiscal year is effectively split between the management team and the investors. This ensures that the investors are protected and are likely to get a return. Parametric Properties will act in the investor's interest because that is also our interest. While there will be minor compensation to the executive staff related to salary or basic expenses, and several commissions, this will be nominal relative to the total returns provided to the general investors.

Why choose a market like Victoria?

We targeted Victoria for a variety of reasons. Many of the apartments have not been renovated in the existing stock. As a result, there is a huge opportunity for short-term renovation and flip opportunities that can be discovered by the Fund’s proprietary algorithm.

Why did we pick specifically renovation/flip opportunities?

We picked this due to Parametric Properties wanting to avoid all permitting and bureaucratic approval processes. And as a result, targeting lipstick or minor renovation strategies allows us to maximize the financial opportunity to compound our equity as rapidly as possible.

Why is 40% of the fund allocated to future development?

There are a whole series of development opportunities that are not available to the public. These include unique investment opportunities related to new products such as recently built condos or apartments.

Are you hiring? Do you take co-op students?

Please visit our Careers page under the "Connect" dropdown in our menu to view our current job openings. We offer a variety of co-op positions over the course of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters at UVic.

What is your experience? How can I trust you?

The Parametric Properties Inc. team is built to complement each other's skills. For more information about the executive team check out our "Meet the Team" section.

Who owns Parametric Properties Inc?

Parametric Properties Inc. is locally owned and operated. Our company is the combined companies of Parametric Pro Consulting and The REINVESTORS. For more information on the executive team see the "Meet the Team" section.

Connecting With Us
What are your hours of operation?

Parametric Properties Inc. in-office hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Where are you located?

We are located at 450 Uptown Boulevard, Victoria, BC V8Z 0B9. To reach our office in person, use the elevator to travel to the 3rd floor (Spaces).

Which social media channels do you have?

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/parametric-properties-inc